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Gaming Future In India. Is It Cloud Gaming?

When I talk about CLOUD GAMING, 90% of Indian gamers reacts like “Bro what’s that. Never heard of that” and then comes 10% serious gamers “cloud gaming? In India?”. Even nowadays Indian techies don’t know about “CLOUD GAMING”. I also came to know about cloud gaming last year and never played a single AAA titled game in my life before this tech. I am still having a stock laptop. And I played first AAA title in my stock laptop, thanks to Cloud gaming. Now, you can get a blurry Idea about what I have wrote.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Scott Stein/CNET

In simple language CLOUD GAMING is a way of playing games using remote severs in data centers. Means you don’t need to buy those costly & beefy gaming PC and consoles. Even you don’t have to download or install the games in your system. You will see only the video on your device with some suitable controls just like Netflix or Amazon Prime. These controls help you to interact with everything locally on your device. Then, the used controls are sent from your system to the remote severs as an information where the game is rendered and played. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

That opens up a lot of possibilities. You can play the latest AAA games on your phone or boot up a cloud gaming app on a Chromebook for some highly portable PC gaming. That’s why cloud gaming is exciting, but the tech hasn’t fully matured quite yet.

“Ok enough technical. Now, lets get back to basics”

Photo by Istockphoto

Cloud Gaming In India?

Cloud gaming in India is still in its infancy, because of the lack of services like Nvidia, Stadia & Microsoft. I tested the games on Nvidia app using VPN with my typical mobile hotspot and played Destiny and Apex legends (because those were the only free games lol). I noticed the frame rate is usually choppy and there is a huge amount of input lag as well.

But, I was not disappointed by that, why? Because,

  1. I was playing those games without server authorities.
  2. I used VPN.
  3. I used typical mobile hotspot. Not a 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi.

Still, I played games for a while and that’s a big deal for me. Let’s Imagine having all the authorized servers and a reliable internet connection. That’s all it takes to play a AAA titled game without having its data installed not on your beefy performance system. Also, a good thing is that you can play games of any platform on any device you have whether its a smartphone or PC.


As for the hardcore cloud gaming enthusiasts, who wants the no compromised experience, wait for Google, Microsoft and Nvidia to officially launch their service in India. Also, the 5G internet connectivity which is gonna launch sooner in India. These things are gonna change the perspective of Indian gamers sooner or later.

Wanna know how to access cloud gaming?

Ok, so the thing is that there are no official releases of any cloud gaming platforms right now as per my knowledge. Here are some steps to play games on Nvidia GeForce Now.

1. You have to download “Nvidia Geforce Now” app in your system.
link for the app: click here.

2. Install and open the app (it will take some time). Go to login tab. It will take you to the login page in your browser. You have to get a VPN extension (preferable server United States) in your browser to login.

3. After login. Download a VPN for your pc. I prefer Express VPN.

4.Then go to the “free to play” section in your GeForce Now app. It will take a while for connecting.

“Wahalla, you are good to go.”

So, this is all about the future of cloud gaming in India. Guys, comment your views about this article. You can check our other articles too.

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