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Awara Thinker

EVs as Future of India

We all have studied renewable & non-renewable resources of energy in our school time. At that time, I marked renewable resources with green marker and non-renewable resources with red one. Because, the green one is ecofriendly and red one is hazardous. But, sadly we are more dependent on non-renewable resources. Our country’s transportation system is …

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10 Amazing Growth Books To Eat Out Before Your Business

Over the past few years, I have read over 120+ business books. Lots of them being early startup related, some just entrepreneurship based and most for growth. Nearly 99% were one idea stretched across 300 pages. They should have been blog posts. But, lots spend their time reading that one idea.
Here are the top 1% of them all. Worth reading.
Save yourself the time and just read these 10.